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Silent Storm

Are you plagued with instability in your high performance gaming rig? Do you want to be able to just drop a few more degrees so you can reach the desired over clocked speed? We got the solution for you, introducing the Silent Storm computer case.

The Core-Fan design comes with two 120mm cooling fans that are mounted on the rack attached next to the side panel. Combined with the 120mm intake fan on the front panel and the 120mm exhaust fan on the back panel maximize the airflow volume and create a torrent of heat-sucking air-stream. The tools-free internal mounting design makes installation and upgrades a breeze. Don’t wait, run to get your own Silent Storm and breathe new life into your system!



Double Core-Fan Design

1.Unique Core Fan Desigh
2.Great Air Flow



Double Core Fan Available

1. Adjustable Core Fan Position
2. Ultra Silent Fan /1000RPM/16dB

Tool free Installation 3.5"Devices

Tool free Installation 5.25"Devices

Tool free Installation Graphic & PCI Card

External Drive Bay: 5.25” x 5; 3.5” x 2

Tool free Installation Hard Disk

Tool Free Screw

120mm exhaust fan at the rear

USB & Audio Port on side of front panel



Can be installed 1 PCS 80mm Fan
or 1 PCS 120mm Fan





Silver / Black

Drive Bay

5.25" Drives Bay x 5
3.5" Drives Bay x 5 ( External x 2 + Internal x 3 )

Front I/O Port

USB 2.0 + Audio + Microphone

Side Window Acrylic Side Window ( Optional )
Installation Screwless - Tool free kits
Weight N. W. 7.6 kg
G. W. 9.8 kg
Dimension H 451mm x W 200mm x D 430mm











Date it is inexpensive and provides great features for the average user looking for a mid-tower case ...
2008/4/9 It's well built, easy to set up and has potential to cool components much better...
2006/4/17 With their patented Core Fan design and low decibel 120mm fans, this case is only audible if you're...
2006/3/26 Sunbeam Technology found another practical location for a fan in a PC case, and it turns out to be a winner...
2006/3/6 In short this PC case is made for the people who like silence, good cooling yet do not want to own a screamy flashy lit PC...
2006/1/13 The price to performance ratio scores big points…Overall I have to give this a 4.5 out of 5... "Highly Recommended"...
2006/1/13 With the Core fans and side panel openings, anyone wanting to keep an SLI setup cool shouldn't have an issue. ...