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Trio, the new stylish computer case from Sunbeamtech, comes with transparent side panel window, silk-screen front panel, and simple yet elegant contours which all come together to create a fashionable package. The three indication meters on the front panel show the volume, fan speed, and temperature independently and the tools-free internal mounting design makes installation and upgrades a breeze. The Trio will place the control in you hands.



Colors: Black

External Drive Bay: 5.25” x 4; 3.5” x 2



USB & Audio Port on side of front panel


Tool Free Installation 5.25" Devices

Tool Free Installation 3.5"Devices

Tool Free Installation Graphic & PCI Card

120mm exhaust fan at the rear

Tool Free Screw

Tool Free Installation Hard Disk

*1 A. Sound Pressure Detection, Display & Adjustment
     B. Fan Spead(Voltage) Display & Adjustmen
     C. Temperature Detection & Display

Part Number

Black : IC-TRIO-BK
Silver : IC-TRIO-SV
lack/Silver : IC-TRIO-SVBK


Black, Silver, Black/Silver

Drive Bay

External 5.25” x 4, 3.5” x 2
Internal 3.5” x 5

Ventilation Rear : 12 cm x 1 or 8 cm x 2
Front : 12 cm x 1 or 8 cm x 4
Front I/O Port USB2.0 + Audio + IEEE 1394
Side Window Optional Acrylic Window
Installation Screwless - Tool free kits
Weight N.W. 7.5 kg
G.W. 9.1 kg
Dimension H 430mm x W 200mm x D 440mm




Date A very good surprise awaits us! After pressing the power switch, the two ventilators of the Trio are very quiet while working. (Translated) ... 2005/12/1 Das Sunbeam Trio Gehause gefallt durch das geringe Gewicht, eine sehr gute Verarbeitung und vielen kleinen Details... 2005/10/28 Its sharp looks combining the stereo screen, outstanding paint job and analog gauge cluster give the Trio a distinctive look unmatched... 2005/6/15 Sunbeamtech continues to impress by offering unique, high quality items at a reasonable price. The Sunbeam Tech TRIO case is no different... 2005/7/11 All in all, I think the Trio is an excellent case! ... 2005/5/25 Sunbeam has done a decent job with another pre-modified case targeted specifically for the budget consumer market... 2005/6/19 The finish of the side panel is excellent and the aluminum frontal is superior, together with the competitive price make Trio a high Quality... 2005/8/1 Mettre un lecteur dans son PC devient une partie de plaisir et une fois allume on ne peut plus detacher les yeux des ces... 2005/8/3 The space inside Trio is more than good, for a mid-tower case, you can see the effort for internal design... 2005/9/15 The price of approximately 60 euro is appropriate in for our opinion.(Translated) ... 2005/8/31 This is a cool case, its not a high high quality case but it does its job very well and it has some cool features as blue meters in... 2005/8/22