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UFO Acrylic Cube Case

The simple yet elegant UFO Acrylic Cube Case comes with two 120mm LED fans. The innovatively designed quick-remove side panel allows for easy installation of CD-ROM drives. Even though the UFO is small in footprint, it still retains excellent cooling capability thanks to its well designed internal air-flow path. Designed for the tasteful minimalists, the UFO Acrylic Cube Case can house up to two 5.25” devices and two 3.5” devices to allow for usability while staying simple, small and beautiful.

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Easy to install or uninstall CD-ROM
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2 PCS 120mm Fans Improve Air Flow
2PCS 120mm Blue LED Fan Inside.
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*1 Great cable management Easy to assemble

*1 2 x USB 2.0 Ports , Audio and Microphone in Front of the Case




Drive Bay

5.25" Drives Bay x 2
3.5" Drives Bay x 2( Internal )

Front I/O Port

USB 2.0*2 + Speaker + Microphone


N. W. 5.1 kg
G. W. 6.2 kg


H 300mm x W 295mm x D 380mm

M/B Type

Standard ATX and Micro ATX

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