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Core-Contact Freezer 120mm CPU Cooler

The Sunbeam CPU cooler utilizes the proprietary Core-Contact technology, which places the four heat-pipes in direct contact with the CPU for the most efficient heat conduction. The four thick 8mm heat-pipes combined with the top-rated TX-2 thermal paste, and the industry first ultra-silent, ultra long life MFDB (Magnetic Fluid Dynamic Bearing) cooling fan with speed control offers great value and industry leading cooling performance with peace and quiet!

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TX-2 Thermal
Grease Included

*1 Light Weight.(590g
without the Fan)
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Fan Controller

Easy Installation

*2 MFDB Fan Included

*1 4 pcs High Performance 8mm U-shaped Heatpipes
*2 Bent Fins Design Helps to Cool the Components on the Motherboard

MFDB Fan Features:

  1. Silent 120mm Fan MFDB (Magnetic Fluid Dynamic Bearing)
  2. Ultra-Silent Low-Noise Level (16dBA)
  3. Outstanding Long Life of 50,000 Hours

TX-2 Features:

  1. Low Thermal Resistance for Superior Heat Transfer, 4.5W/mK
  2. Small Molecular Size Makes a Better Contact Between the Heatsink and Heatsource
  3. Thin Bond Line for Hi-Efficiency Conductivity
  4. Low Bleed under High Pressure
  5. Spreads Easy - Clean Consistency
  6. Help the Low-pressure Clip Design of Cooler to Achieve
  7. Better cooling performance
  8. RoHS Compliant
  9. Not Electrically Conductive

Part Number:



125(L) × 104(W) × 155(H)



Bearing Type: Magnetic Fluid Dynamic Bearing
Rated Voltage: 12V DC
Rated Current: 0.16A
Air Flow: 90.65 CFM (MAX)
Noise: 16~20 +/- 10% dBA
Speed: 1000~2000 RPM +/- 10%
Life: 50,000 hours
Thermal Resistance 0.092 (℃ / W)




AMD S-754/939/940

Athlon 64
Athlon F×62

Intel LGA775

Core 2 Quad Extreme
Core 2 Extreme
Core 2 DUO
Pentium D
Pentium 4

Intel LGA1366 Require Core i7 Socket Retention Bracket Set


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Date The design is basic and unflashy, and the better for it - it concentrates on cooling performance. Sunbeam offer many aftermarket fan designs… 2009/10/26 Performance wise, the Sunbeamtech Sunbeamtech Core-Contact Freezer CPU cooler puts in an admirible effort. i was quite surprised by the results shown… 2009/9/1 Aušinimo efektyvumas – tai aspektas, kurį Sunbeamtech Core-Contact Freezer išpildo tiesiog neįtikėtinai… 2009/8/20
ultimatepc-reviews I found the Sunbeam Core Contact Freezer to be an extremely good heatsink overall… 2009/8/5 In the end, this CPU cooler does a great job cooling down your CPU. It accomplishes what it promises and it achieves those goals well. This is a very well-designed… 2009/8/5 the Core-contact freezer from Sunbeamtech is a solid performer in my eye with no… 2009/7/21 Una vez concluidas nuestras pruebas, hemos visto como el efecto de tener en contacto los heatpipes directamente con el procesador, así mismo podemos… 2009/4/15 Sunbeam Core Contact Freezer is the best CPU cooler… 2009/4/2 Sunbeam Core Contact Freezer is the best CPU cooler… 2009/3/31 Sunbeam Core Contact Freezer is the best CPU cooler… 2009/3/4 the Core Contact Freezer should allow most any enthusiast to push their hardware as far as it’ll go... 2009/1/22 2008/11/14 Sunbeam Core Contact Freezer is the best CPU cooler... 2009/1/19 Sunbeam Core Contact Freezer is the best CPU cooler... 2009-1-18 PC Gamers and Enthusiasts looking to keep things cool can rest assured the Core-Contact Freeze's effective combination with... 2009/1/17 Core-Contact Freezer CPU Cooler is the best CPU Cooler... 2009/1/16 Overclocker would love the new Core Contact Freezer, which is the best CPU cooler, from Sunbeam, which hold the... 2008/12/22 Core-Contact Freezer CPU Cooler is the best CPU Cooler... 2008/12/23 Sunbeam has been on the forefront of computer modding and its entry into CPU cooling has been successful also. If they would... 2008/12/24 Sunbeam Core Contact Freezer is the best CPU cooler... 2008/12/25 providing all the necessary parts for operation, including a fan and wire brackets. Sunbeam has also thrown in a full sized tube ... 2008/12/26 Overall, a worthy product and one that I'd be happy to recommend as a solution to offering a good balance... 2008/12/27 Sunbeamtech Core-Contact Freezer, we can safely say that it is a very good product. The cooler comes in a complete retail package ... 2008/12/28 Looking for a great CPU air cooler? Then Sunbeam Core-Contact Freezer should be in your list as its performance is very good ... 2008/12/1 2008/11/8 2009/4/5 2008/11/11 The Core Contact Freezer is a very nice cooler and packs quite a bit of punch when cooling a CPU... 2008/10/22 In the end I can’t find any good reason for everyone who is looking for a good performing heatsink for a great price... 2008/10/14 2008/9/28 it’s a high performance heatsink and will be judged as one... 2008/9/19 2008/9/15 was impressed with the aerodynamics of the cooler... 2009/9/8 2008/7/14 The Core contact Freezer from Sunbeamtech has been a solid performer without the sacrifices usually made for such great temperatures... 2008/8/6 All in all, the Core-Contact Freezer is a very good cooler from a very innovative company... 2008/7/15 2008/8/4 2008/8/4 I have not yet reviewed a better performing cooler... 2008/9/6 2008/9/5 2008/8/20 2008/8/19 Overall, the Sunbeamtech Core Contact Freezer is a very large heatsink which is relatively silent and performs very well... 2008/8/19 The Sunbeam Core-Contact Freezer Cooler is a very impressive cooler on all accounts... 2008/8/6 After tabulating the results, CPU temps are kept well within very reasonable levels across the entire spectrum of testing. While standard ... 2008/7/30 2008/10/13 in the end I was pleasantly surprised when this cooler exceeded my expectations... 2008/6/14 There is no doubt that the Core Contact is an outstanding cooler and almost as good as the reigning king of the coolers... 2008/7/1 2008/7/6 It bested all 14 coolers we've tested to date and moved to the top of our performance charts. Its performance... 2008/6/30 2009/2/1 2008/6/25 2008/6/23 it blocked some stuff and I had to remove my motherboard just to install it but in the end it’s just worth it as I have now once again... 2008/6/15 A lower temperature is obviously better. Now as you can observe, the Tuniq cooler beats all... 2008/6/12 In testing the Sunbeamtech Core-Contact Freezer was able to beat the performance of the previously best air cooler I have reviewed... 2008/6/12 Not only did it out perform a cooler that I'd consider a very able competitor, it was also extremely easy to install, very well built, and pretty nice... 2008/8/6 Sunbeamtech propose un ventirad remarquable offrant des performances excellentes et le tout dans un certain silence... 2008/5/26 it is a great cooler that performs with some of the best coolers on the market... 2008/5/21 2008/5/21 2008/5/15 2008/5/4 The Core-Contact Freezer offers a fantastic cooling performance! Even in Low-RpM-Mode is can cool almost every CPU... 2008/5/1 Sunbeamtech's Core-Contact Freezer heatsink is an excellent Intel or AMD cooler. It's very suitable for... 2008/4/30