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USB3.0 Airbox External Enclosure

The “USB3.0 Airbox” 3.5” external enclosure is constructed with an all aluminum housing, and is combined with an 8cm LED fan that blows cool air directly onto the hard drive inside so that your hard drive is well protected from overheating and instability. Supporting up to 2TB in hard drive capacity, this tech-chic external enclosure comes with cool blue LED and a control button to turn ON and OFF the LED fan’s light to suit your mood. The USB3.0 interface allows for up to 5Gbps transfer rate. Where performance, stability, and aesthetics matter, the “Airbox” external enclosure is the best choice for you.

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Supports USB30
*1 Support USB Hot
Plug feature
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LED fan with ON/OFF
switch for the LED
Supports up to 2TB
hard drives
Small design for
easy portability

*1 USB3.0 maximum transfer rate: 5Gbps
*2 Aluminum housing helps to quickly dissipate heat

Superior cooling


Cooling fan can increase the longevity of the hard drive by decreasing the operating temperature by 10℃

Environment Temperature: 30.5℃
Test Software: HD Tune Disk Check 3Hrs
Test HDD: Seagate 1.5TB hard disk driver
Test Interface: USB3.0 Interface

Interface description


Part number






Supported drive size

3.5” SATA I/II


Aluminum (except the front / back panels and thermal relief holes)

Maximum transfer rate

USB3.0: 5Gbps

Fan Speed

1600RPM +/- 10%

Front Indicator Light

Power On: steady blue light
Disk Access: flashing blue light

Back Indicator Light Fan state

Power Supply



203(L) x 126(W) x 44(H)mm



Supported OS

Windows 2000(SP4)/ME(SP2)/XP/VISTA/Win7
Linux or higher
MAC OS 8.6 or higher

Package Contents

1. Airbox and Mounting stand x 1

2. USB3.0 cable x 1

3. Power adapter x 1

4. Accessory pack x 1 (screws and screws driver)




Date HDDPAL won "Editor's Choice" award from 2010/4/12