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Sunbeamtech Rheosmart PCI Fan Controller

Smart Way Controlling all Fans & Airflow. The Rheosmart PCI Fan Controller is designed to make any existing 3-pin fan automatically regularized by the PWM signal from the Motherboard! With its ability to connect two fans to a single PWM connector at a maximum of 20W/channel, a wide selection of fans can be supported. When a normal fan is connected to the Rheosmart PCI Fan Controller, they become auto adjusting through the PWM signal.

The Rheosmart PCI Fan Controller operates in two different modes; when connected to a PWM-enabled motherboard you can allow the system to auto-adjust fan speed through he motherboard's temperature sensor. When switched onto manual mode by the pushing of the lever-switch to the right, you turn the connected fan onto manual control mode.

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Smart cooling system PCI Fan controller Manual Control Max Output 20W Watts
PWM Control      


Part Number


Main Function

PWM/Manual Fan Controller



Material Aluminum
DC Input +12 V (Standard 4 -Pin Connector)
DC Output 6V - 12 V DC
Max Output 20W
3-Pin Fan Connectors 2
Fan RPM Knobs 1
Dimensions(W*H*D) 121mm *26 mm * 22mm





The Rheosmart 6 Fan Controller can control up to 6 fans, 30W per channel and looks amazing.