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The Rheobus is a fan speed controller which also controls the CCFL light’s brightness. With the four independent adjustment knobs, you are free to mix and match to create the unique effect that you are after.



Rheobus Kit#3 4 Red LED silver
Aluminum Faceplate

Rheobus Kit With Silver Aluminum
Faceplate RHK-SA



Molex Y cable & 6 Screws


01 02 04  
*1 *2 *3  

*1 Control fan speed and CCFL brightness at the same time
*2 Lowers fan speed to make them quiet when system is idle or running light task
*3 User can choose any channel as the switch for CCFL to connect Sunbeam's customized adaptor below


20 watt per channel

Input Voltage

DC 12V

Output Voltage

0 ~ 12 V

Output current Up to 1.67 A
Dimention 148.5 x 105 x 42 mm

Weight ( Net )


Anodized Aluminum Knobs

High Quality Rheostats
Extra Large Heatsinks

Printed Circult Board to


Reduce Wiring Mess

Pre-assembled Kit
Comprehensive Instruction
Socketed Superbright LEDs Bi-color:Blue + Red change color at 7 voltage
Turn off LED Yes
Drilled Aluminum 5.25" Faceplate Optional : Silver / Black


Date Overall this is a very nice product which is surely able to reduce the noise in your system generated by fans... 2003/4/7