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Acrylic Case

A first in the industry! The highly transparent Acrylic Case from Sunbeamtech will be able to show off your own unique modifications. From the simple customization as LED fans to a fully blown out CCFL lights setup, this case will let you show it off like no other cases can.



Great case wiring

High quality hardware



Four internal hard drive bays

Four internal hard drive bays



User-friendly assembly diagram



Part number

Clear: AC-T, UV Blue: AC-HUVB

Drive Bay

External 5.25” x 4, 3.5” x 2
Internal 3.5” x 5

Main Board Size

ATX; Flex-ATX style

Expansion Slots


Fan Hole Diameter

80mm (1 in back, 1 in front , 1 in top and 2 on side panel)

Power Supply

Not included


Side Covers to open on both sides.(4 screws on each side)


N.W. 12.2 kg
G.W. 13.8 kg



Date <2003.04.10> Sunbeam has done quite well with their version of the acrylic case----virtual-hideout... 2003/4/10 <2003.03.15> The acrylic is very clear and all of the cut-outs are very precise and cleanly cut. ----gideontech... 2003/3/15 <2003.03.05> Once more a great addition to a growing line of modding products from Sunbeam. ----metku... 2003/3/5 <2003.02.23> This case puts your PC on display for all to see. Pick from Sunbeam's wide variety of CCFL or UV CCFL fans and a couple of CCFL light... 2003/2/23 <2003.02.16> The Sunbeam Tech Acrylic PC Case is extremely well crafted. ----icrontic ... 2003/2/16 <2003.02.01> The clear acrylic PC case from Sunbeam is an outstanding product just like everything else we have seen come from Sunbeam. ----pcextreme... 2003/2/1